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Meet Alicia

Alicia is the founder of Quantum Dream Weaving, LLC in Bay Village, Ohio.

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My Story

Alicia has over 16 years of combined experience in the healthcare field, 11 of which is as a practicing registered nurse. In 2020 she obtained her bachelor’s degree of applied arts & sciences through Maharishi University, with a focus in the healing arts & Ayurveda Life Science Coaching. Alicia was inspired at a young age through her grandparents who are lifelong practitioners of Kriya Yoga and Ayurveda. 


Alicia’s approach seeks to integrate modern science with ancient spiritual wisdom. She incorporates her dual medical background of both Eastern & Western healthcare to lead & coach her clients to states of optimal wellbeing & health. She combines this foundation with multiple energy healing practices including Marma Therapy, Tuning fork therapy, Yoga, Reiki, & Craniosacral Therapy to help her clients reclaim their energy and revitalize their inspiration & creative flow.


Alicia continues her western nursing practice as a specialized in-home IV infusion nurse. Always pursuing higher education, she is currently studying to become a Certified Light Leader Coach™️ teaching Light Leader Kundalini™️ practices. She currrently works 1:1 with clients, in group settings, & leading workshops online & local to NE Ohio.

Services at Ayurveda Wellness House 

-Marma Therapy & Abbyanga massage

—- Add-ons to sessions

       - Sound Healing with tuning forks

       - Crystal Healing

       - Yoga & Breathing Techniques

       - Chakra Energy Balancing

       - Reiki

       - Craniosacral Therapy

Panchakarma Services

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