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Ayurveda for women's health

Stree Roga and Prasooti Tantra is a significant branch of Ayurveda, mainly dealing with childbirth (Prasooti tantra /Obstetrics) and Gynecological (Streeroga) disorders. During my under graduation, in my final year, we studied Stree Roga, and Prasoothi has one of the major subjects. The study offers theoretical and practical knowledge in Gynecology and Obstetrics, management of antenatal and postnatal care, common gynecological problems, and menopausal syndrome to utilize the techniques of female health care and to achieve a healthy baby according to Ayurveda principles.

Here in this article, I will be sharing a few insights on women's health, according to Ayurveda. Some of the gynecological disorders faced by females can be Insufficient or delayed menstrual periods (Amenorrhoea), Painful Menstrual periods ( Dysmenorrhoea ), Lower Back Pain, PCOD/ PCOS, Cyst formation in Ovaries, Uterine Fibroids, Leucorrhea (white discharge) Vaginitis (vaginal itching, dryness & infection ), Infertility, etc

Women are always considered sacred and are worshiped in Indian culture. It is described in Ayurveda that the health of the entire civilization depends heavily on the health of its women. There are detailed descriptions in Ayurveda on how to maintain good health in women. These are based on natural holistic principles and safe. Ayurveda Gynecology systematically deals with issues as evident from the classification of diseases and in relation to the dosha aggravation.

Approx. 99% of the gynecological problems are manageable except a very few like serious cancers or tumors. Various Panchkarma therapies available are Abhyangam (Full Body Massage With Medicated Oil to pacify the aggravated dosha) Shirodhara( for hormonal imbalances), Virechan(purgation therapy as detox), Udhvartan(herbal powder massage), Vasti (Enema Therapy). Along with body-work, there are some precious herbs that help to balance the hormones, tones the uterus, nourishes the skin & helps in increases the beauty of a female. In total, these herbs keep the body in harmony.

Ayurveda remedies are natural and holistic at the same time free from any side effects. There are evidence-based studies that are available for these treatments. During recent times a lot of research is being undertaken to validate their time tested effectiveness through modern standards and parameters. Apart from complex herbal formulations, the Ayurvedic approach to healing is holistic and takes into consideration all the aspects of our environment as stated above and finds out the cause of our ill health and eliminates it by balancing our environment, food, and lifestyle.

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