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Ayurveda Summer Guide

Updated: May 17, 2019

🌈🌞The most striking characteristics of summer—the heat, the long days of bright sun, the sharp intensity, and the transformative nature of the season are directly in line with pitta. The environment is prevalent with intense heat and unhealthy wind. the river-bodies dried and the plants appear lifeless. This cumulative effect of intense heat is to dry things out, so summer is also considered dry🌞🌈

EFFECT OF SEASON ON BODY AND DOSHA The strength of the person becomes less, deposition of Vata DOSHA occurs, but the vitiated Kapha Dosha is pacified during this season. AGNI(catabolism) of the person will remain in a mild. A summer seasonal routine is aimed at fostering diet and lifestyle habits that will help to prevent the over-accumulation of summer qualities and to keep pitta balanced. But summer has some distinctly vata characteristics as well, so you’ll also want to stay hydrated, foster stability, and balance vata’s natural expansiveness and mobility with quiet, restful activities. . ◆ DIET REGIMEN ◆ light to digest, those having sweet, unctuous, cold, drinking lots of water and other liquids such as buttermilk, fruit juices, meat soups, mango juice, churned curd with pepper. . ◆ LIFESTYLE ◆ Staying in cool places, applying sandalwood and other aromatic pastes over the body, adorning with flowers, wearing light dresses and sleeping at day time is helpful. During night one can enjoy the cooling moon rays with the breeze. . ◆ AVOID ◆ Salty, sour, pungent taste and warm food. Excessive exercise or hard work; too much sexual indulgence and alcoholic preparations are prohibited. #ayurveda #yoga #health #meditation#wellness #ayurvedic #natural#ayurvedalife #ayurvedalifestyle#organic #india #healthy#healthylifestyle #love #beauty#nature #ayurvedicmedicine #fitness#holistichealth #holistic #herb#ayurshilpi #cleveland #ohio#clevelandayurveda#alternativemedicine

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