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Concepts of Immunity in Ayurveda

To get familiar with the concept of immunity in Ayurveda, one must understand the theory known as 'beej-bhumi' theory. Here 'beej' means seed, and 'bhumi' means land. In this case, the body is comparable to the earth, and infection or bugs are like seeds. If the soil is ideal for plantation, then seed will sprout and grow. Similarly, if your body lacks Ojas(vitality), meaning low immunity, then your body becomes an easy target for the infection to grow just like the seed growing in the land.

WHAT IS OJAS? WHEN CAN YOU SAY OJAS IS THRIVING OR DIMINISHED. Ojas is the outcome of digestion(nutrition) and its transformation through the seven tissues(dhatu) i e, from plasma to reproductive tissue. It is the essence of all seven body tissues, and it is created when the last tissue, shukra dhatu (reproductive system), is properly formed. Ojus is the key to perfect health, balance, pleasant emotions, strong immunity, and spiritual development. Ojas is considered flourishing when your body shows no symptoms of an ailment, constipation weakness, fatigue, low appetite, deformed tissues AMA- When the food is not digested completed due to week agni(digestive fire), or any underlying gut problem then this undigested food over a period of time accumulates and becomes ama(toxins). This Ama(toxins) present in the body, reduces the ojas(vitality), which in turn means low of immunity. Hence it becomes easy for infection to attack the body that lacks ojas. This explains the above analogy 'land and seed' VYADHIKSHAMATVA- Immunity is the strength of the body to fight diseases. Immunity depends upon the maintenance of the equilibrium of doshas and the healthiness of tissues and channels.  From the above explanation, it is clear that keeping our body devoid of ama, flourishes the Ojas, keeping the immune strong, which in turn to keep diseases away. ✽ My next article will be how to remove Ama that is already present in the body and how to increase the vitality(ojas) immunity ✽ #ayurveda #corona #holistichealth #healthylifestyle #ayurvedalifestyle #coronavirusoutbreak #health #ayurvedalife

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