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Happy Earth Day Everyone!

Gratitude 🙏 to you mother and our apologies for being nasty!


🌿Happy Earth Day fellow earthly creatures today, and every day, let's offer it all up to the great mother Gaia, Pachamama, sweet mother of us all- the ultimate creatrix. An absolute source of inspiration and power. We are just a tiny, very tiny part of you.

🌿Being born in a hill station like Coorg, a place where we celebrate mother Earth every day. Obviously, super excited about the official day. For me, this transition, a sudden twist of events where humanity is caged inside, a world crisis have only brought me closer to nature. I truly feel the only place right now in a reality where i can find immense peace and calmness is in here the depth of nature. So, many little problems bother me every day, like being away from my husband, not being able to work, not being able to cook in my own kitchen, etc. But, only her mother earth keeps me sane. She is the one we crave for help; she is the powerful one and have all the healing properties. We owe her so much


🌿As I type, there is this pain in me; my eyes are tearing. I feel so helpless thinking how we humans treat you mother, but your still so kind to us, although we take you for granted every day. Take a moment to think about it guys. Are we doing enough? .

✨I am sorry humans i am secretly happy that planet mother is finally relaxing this year, and it's better for her; she can finally celebrate freedom during this global quarantine



“Have a day mother Earth, let the birds fly their highest flights,

Trees grow their highest heights,

let Rivers flow wild,

Rains wash away sorrows,

breeze blow new strength,

Mother you smile, and us humans will acknowledge your sacred glee"

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