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Managing Diabetes with Ayurveda

Updated: Jan 25, 2020

Diabetes mellitus or commonly known as diabetes is a condition in which an individual has increased blood sugar levels.

What if your blood sugar levels are elevated?

It leads to a condition called hyperglycemia, fatigue, uncontrolled craving for food, increased thirst, urinating frequently, etc. are common symptoms.

Is urine similar to honey?

In Ayurveda, diabetes is categorized as Madhumeha, which means a disease that produces urine similar to honey. Diabetes is caused by overconsumption of diet that vitiates Kapha dosha & the inactivity or sedentary lifestyle coupled with stress. Agni or the metabolic parameter attains an imbalance. So as per Ayurveda like for any other disease, it is advisable to stay away from the causes. Symptoms vary according to the corresponding dosha predominance at subsequent stages. Ayurveda treatment is focused on normalizing Agni as well as doshas.

A holistic approach involving diet, herbs, Panchakarma, etc.

Ayurveda follows a holistic approach of medical treatment with antidiabetic herbs like bitter gourd, cinnamon, turmeric, Gymnema, etc. For severe conditions, purificatory therapies or panchakarmas are done. Depending upon the symptoms exhibited by the patient, corresponding vitiated or affected doshas are identified & subsequent treatment is given.

The holistic approach is very interesting as well as effective. It not only includes diabetic specific medicines but also the modified diabetic-friendly diet along with lifestyle changes. Ayurveda explains excellent single herb remedies in the context of diabetes. It is said that turmeric & Indian gooseberry or amla should be taken together for diabetes. Both herbs are anti-diabetic & blood purifier. They help to regulate the Agni & helps to balance the doshas also. Triphala in the form of powder is another option.

Ayurveda for diabetes-associated complications

Ayurveda is a perfect option in the management of Diabetes. This natural way of healing overpowers any other medical system in arresting the future damage to the body organs resulting from diabetes. If you are diabetic & follow Ayurveda, the disease is manageable as well as the complications affecting nerves, eyes, kidney, etc. are controlled to a great extent.

Simultaneously you can make your diet menu. No need to avoid all of your favorites, but you can limit them according to your required intake daily. How wise is that?

Yogasanas & Meditation for Diabetes

Yoga is inevitable in the management of diabetes. Dhanurasana, padmasana, vajrasana, chakrasana, sarvaangasana, etc are found very effective in relieving stress, inducing sound sleep, controlling food cravings, & last but not least they regulate the insulin action.

Meditation is a good remedy for gaining control over the mind. In Diabetes, a person tends to be short-tempered, lose libido, & sometimes face isolation due to behavioral problems. Practicing meditation can bring about drastic changes in the individual's physical & mental wellbeing.

Effective diet & herbal remedies

●Fenugreek or Amla water is a drink that can be consumed daily.

●Turmeric powder in low-fat milk is best to boost immunity & fight non-healing ulcers

●Bitter gourd can be used as a diet by making salads with cucumber. This has specifically blood sugar decreasing properties.

●Proteins like chicken, sprouts, sardine fish, tuna, anchovies, etc. can be pan grilled or baked with veggies of your choice.

●Beware of your blood sugar levels timely, get medical advice as & when needed.

Diabetes is a multisystem disorder, so it affects the body from all dimensions from the cellular level to the organ level. Most of them are on some sort of chemical medication throughout their life.

The organ damage is progressing which is always less noticed or ignored. Ayurveda is a lifesaver in such cases, as it arrests the organ damage or systemic complications. A major advantage is that it goes well with any type of treatment.

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