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Reconnect with the Nature and Yourself

Updated: Jan 30, 2023

Few things have become very apparent lately, or I must say forced by nature


Lockdown for 21 days! And today is day four. Many of us are going through a emotional turmoil. But ask yourself if you want those negative aspects of your mind to feed you for the rest of these days


Well, it seems easy to jot down a few philosophical captions and ask people to accomplish them. But it’s really hard to find your spiritual self. Don’t force yourself to become a spiritual person. Instead work towards understanding spirituality and one day you will feel elevated. I haven’t experienced the devotion yet fully but great gurus say it’s transcending

In this digital world, we have become a slave to technology. How many of you can actually stay without checking your social media for a day? It’s hard for me thou. I convince myself saying it’s work and it’s important to go-over and over. This makes us forget that we have a spiritual being inside us. I believe spirituality doesn’t just happen with meditation but also by connecting your inner self truly with nature and emotions


So, today, I needed to take some time out to nurture my health, reach out and connect with my mom with whom I haven’t connected in everyday basis. Reconnect with my creativity, reconnect with my old text books, and later in the evening I took a walk in my mums garden to refresh my mind. I am going to use this time of quite to create my own private spiritual retreat


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