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'Ritucharya' - The Seasonal Regimen

🌸The body which we have received is a gift, so precious but also very sensitive. It gets affected by all the things around it, the environment where it lives, the things it touches, the food intake, the things it sees & feels and so on. Similarly, our body also gets affected by various seasons🌸

🌿Ritucharya is a Sanskrit word. It means seasonal routine, the lifestyle & diet that need to be followed according to the particular seasonal requirement to maintain hormonal balance in our body & to be fit and healthy🌿 . 🌈Asked to name the seasons, hardly any of us in the West would stop at three, unless, of course, we were thinking in ayurvedic terms. Understanding the qualities of each of these seasons can help you reduce any adverse effects. Remember that your predominant dosha increases during the season it governs, so take care to choose foods and activities that will pacify and not aggravate it🌈 . 🌿Ayurveda divides the whole year into two kaals(time) on the basis of the position of the sun: 🌞Adana kaala(NORTHERN SOLSTICE) which constitutes Winter, Spring, and Summer which is dominated by fire. The strength of people generally decreases during this time 🌚Visarga Kaala(SOUTHERN SOLSTICE) which constitutes Rainy season, Autumn, Extreme winter in which cooling is the dominant property. Hence the strength of the people generally increases (In short, In the summer, the human body is weak. In the winter the human body is strong. In the middle time between both, the body is of moderate strength) . 💁‍♀️Considering that I am living in the USA, I divided the seasonal regimen into four, based on the principles of Ayurveda Ritucharya. TO KNOW MORE READ MY NEXT POSTS AND HIT ON THE HEART SYMBOL IF YOU LIKE ❤️ #ayurveda #yoga #health #meditation#wellness #ayurvedic #natural#ayurvedalife #ayurvedalifestyle#organic #india #healthy#healthylifestyle #love #beauty#nature #ayurvedicmedicine #fitness#holistichealth #holistic #herb#ayurshilpi #cleveland #ohio#clevelandayurveda#alternativemedicine #ayurshilpi

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