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Lauren Shihadeh, 

Founder, Monarch Ayurveda

Ayurvedic Wellness Coach


Working in healthcare for over 13 years, Lauren witnessed the impact stress and disconnection from self can have on overall health.  Through her own story of personal growth, going through a divorce and becoming a single mother of two, Lauren embarked on a journey of self-discovery. Her desire to live a more joyous and fulfilled life led her to Ayurveda.   “I always had a strong desire to learn, apply and share ways of natural living to bring more peace and balance,” says Lauren.  Following her heart, Lauren enrolled in school for Ayurveda.  As a 2022 graduate from Shakti School, Lauren is excited to share the wisdom of Ayurveda and how it has led her to achieve a deeper level of self-awareness, self-trust, and love. 

Knowing Ayurveda is part of a higher calling, Lauren continues to invest her studies in Ayurveda and is presently a student of the next level of Shakti School and is currently leading workshops for women all over Northeast Ohio.


Evan Scharfeld,

Founder, Cultivate Yoga

Yoga Alliance certification

Pranayama Instructor

Tai Chi Easy. Level II Reiki certified.

Evan has found deep healing and purpose through yoga and has dedicated his
life to sharing this ancient modality with others. He founded Cultivate Yoga as a nonprofit entity
rooted in the mission to make the complete practice of yoga accessible to anyone who wishes
to explore it. Through his practice, his work with Cultivate, and his love for all human
beings, Evan believes that yoga can heal the world and bring about a more peaceful
community. Evan holds his RYS200 Yoga Alliance certification with over 500 hours of
teaching experience. He is also certified to guide Tai Chi Easy and is Level II Reiki


Lindsey Marie Whited, L.M.T

Health and Wellness Advocate,

Licensed Massage Therapist,

Certified Sound Healer,

Reiki practitioner and Earth-based ritualist.

Lindsey’s healing journey began 20 years ago when she started practicing yoga and meditation to heal from anxiety, addiction, and trauma. Since then, she has dedicated her life to healing mind, body, and spirit through body-based therapies, nature connection, and many other holistic healing modalities. 


She holds space for individuals to heal themselves through cultivating remembrance of their true nature and body's inner wisdom. She creates a safe space for individualized treatments, weaving different styles of massage, sound therapy, and energy work to relieve stress, tension, and pain and to help bring the body into a state of balance and deep relaxation. She is dedicated to supporting people on their journeys and sharing tools and wisdom that have helped her heal.


Megan Ashenfleur, L.M.T

Health and Wellness Advocate,

Licensed Massage Therapist,

An artist by nature.  Over 16 years of experience in the path of massage therapy, bodywork,  and visual mixed media.   I am studying to be certified as a colon therapist.  Currently dabbling in sounds and vibrations with my partner Ayden Ash.   


I've attended many colleges and seminars, far too many to list In a short bio. I love learning about the human body and working with others to help them help themselves.  My goal is to facilitate health and wellness.


My free time is spent Gardening, camping, hiking, biking, creating art, making lotions, balms, & candles, and learning music.


I've always enjoyed learning bodywork.  Hands-on medicine; provides us and even our animals the missing links that don't have to make sense. Many of our ailments may come from traumas and emotional stress that are stored in our tissues.


Samantha Scrivens

Clinical Mental Health Counseling Coach,

Sound and Shamanic Practices

Apart from pursuing a Master's degree in clinical Mental Health Counseling, Samantha is a student of sound and shamanic practices.  She has traveled and lived abroad extensively to connect with indigenous cultures and learn from their healing modalities.  Samantha has practiced Thai massage in Chiang Mai, been attuned to Reiki in Nepal, and learned about Mayan astrology and cacao in Guatemala.  By blending Western psychotherapy, Eastern spirituality, and South and North American shamanism, she helps clients find their inner True North to lead wholehearted, purposeful lives in harmony with the Earth and one another.  

Panchakarma Services

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