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Ayurveda Skin Care


Beauty is not in a potion or a magic pill. Everyone is beautiful in his or her way – you need a little natural and loving touch with Ayurvedic care.

According to Ayurveda, the skin has six layers, located not only superficially but extending to the deeper levels of the body. Skin is one of the essential organs of the body to protects the internal organs from environmental influences. Various discolorations, thickening, itching, discharge, scales, excessive sweating, hair fall, numbness, crusting etc are symptoms produced in the skin due to homeostatic imbalance and subsequent impaired functioning of internal organs. 

Skin problems are one of the growing concerns today. Good old traditional Ayurveda has various bodywork to overcome some of the symptoms. Ayurvedic treatment methods are based on the principle of examining and resolving the root causes of diseases so that the chances of recurrence is minimized, and symptoms are well-managed. In Ayurveda, the most effective approach is of purification to clear the excess toxins. We offer holistic treatment through the three-fold approach – ayurvedic herbal medication (prepared in-house), ayurvedic rejuvenating massage treatment, and dietary recommendations. Since removing toxins is the basis for treating skin problems, detoxification therapy, and Panchakarma are the much-advised treatment methods.

Benefits of Ayurveda treatments in skin disorders

  • Management of psoriasis

  • Reduces the symptoms of eczema

  • Helps in severe dryness

  • Reduces itching

  • Increasing the digestive fire;

  • Clearing toxins;

  • Improving liver function;

  • Reducing high Pitta;

  • Calming stressed Vata;

  • Liquefying and clearing Kapha.

  • Purification of the channels and the tissues.

Recommended Therapies

  • Herbal massage and steam

  • Takradhara

  • Kashayadhara

  • Herbal bath

  • Udwarthana

  • Recommendation of diet and lifestyle modifications.

  • Virechana

Please Note:

Ayurveda therapies are effective when performed for 3-14 days depending on your health assessment performed by a qualified Ayurveda doctor during the consultation. The treatments are customized based on the individual health conditions.

Please contact us for more details on the Panchakarma packages

Note: Please note stress management therapy works well for people stressed out due to work and a hectic lifestyle. If you are suffering from anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress and other psychological issues, this Ayurveda stress management therapy may be helpful but not sufficient.  Anxiety, depression and other psychological disorders are much more deeply seated in the mind. You may need the help of professionals in psychiatry, psychotherapy, Reiki and other healers specialized in the sub-conscious mind.

We are not a Medical Facility and our Ayurveda Practitioners are not State Licensed Physicians(MDs) and as such we do not provide any Medical Services. Clients availing our services acknowledge the fact that Ayur Shilpi Wellness Clinic offers only general ayurvedic wellness therapies and even though it is reported to be beneficial for alleviating a number of disease conditions, our consultations, recommendations and therapies are not for the purpose of diagnosing or treating any illness.

Ayur Shilpi Wellness Clinic  does not claim that our therapies will cure or diminish any specific disease and our therapies are not a replacement for medical care provided by a licensed primary care physician. Clients may continue to seek the advice of their primary care doctor and any specialists they have consulted and should not modify or suspend their medical treatment unless advised by their medical doctors. The Ayurvedic professionals providing the Ayurveda consultation and therapies in Ayur Shilpi Wellness Clinic do not assume responsibility for treating any of the health problems of the clients and that responsibility rests solely with their primary care physician.

Panchakarma Services

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