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'Agni' - The Fire In the Belly

🔥Agni’ in Sanskrit means fire. Ayurvedic understanding of digestion is the strength of this digestive fire, called agni. Composed of various acids and enzymes, agni is seated within the lower stomach and small intestine and relates to Pitta dosha.Any process involving heat, light, transformation, and conversion relates to agni. . 🔥When our digestive fire is strong, we thrive. When it is weak, we suffer. A healthy digestive system is revered in Ayurveda as a cornerstone of wellbeing, and every disease is believed to arise from inefficient digestion. . The complaints i hear daily are constant: low energy, poor sleep, headaches, congestion, low libido, low-grade depression, anxiety, sore joints or relentless allergies. The irony in all this is that many of these people are indeed active—they lead healthy lifestyles and yet fail to experience optimal health. Well, the reason is that these myriad conditions actually have a surprising common denominator: a weak digestive “fire.” 🔥How do we make sure that Agni, this sacred fire, stays strong and healthy? First, we supply the right amount of fuel. If we overload our stomach by overeating, eating out of accordance with one’s constitution, drinking too much water with meals, staying up late, eating at irregular times, and resisting the urge to eat, and not exercising enough then the digestive fire goes out. . 🌿Ayurveda identifies numerous ways to improve agni. Adding Pungent spices to food (such as cumin or cayenne) or drinking spicy teas (such as ginger tea) can spark the digestive fire. Physical activity, will strengthen & stimulate metabolic activity. Also, eating meals at regular times and Pitta-pacifying foods will help balance sharp agni conditions.🌿 #ayurveda #yoga #health #meditation#wellness #ayurvedic #natural#ayurvedalife #ayurvedalifestyle#organic #india #healthy#healthylifestyle #love #beauty#nature #ayurvedacooking#ayurvedicmedicine #fitness#holistichealth #holistic #herb#ayurshilpi #cleveland #ohio#clevelandayurveda #ayurshilpi#alternativemedicine

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