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Ayurveda approach to Menstruation and Women's health

Updated: Aug 14, 2021

Releasing an egg to your ovaries every month!! But is it really that amazing as it sounds? Honestly, no women like hemorrhaging from their vagina because you feel like a different person, not only physically but also emotionally. Periods come with a big baggage of pain, heavy bleeding, PMS, Cramping, moodiness, Cycle issues, Skipping a period, nausea etc.

Don't let these wreck your life. Because the good old science Ayurveda has it beautifully laid out a plan for all your menstrual issues. Here are how Ayurveda manages the period's issues:

1) Find out the cause as it is one of the most important factors. For example, in amenorrhea, is the cause of hormonal, problems with the reproductive, or any other underlying problems

2) Understanding which dosha/elements vata, pita, kapha (air,fire, water) is aggravated. Based on dosha aggravation during the flow that causes various periods problems, herbal supplements and body treatments can be decided to balance the elements

3) Bodywork treatments like herbal oil massage, detox program to remove the unwanted toxins from hormonal pills intake, Unhealthy dietary habits, exposure to pollution, etc

4) Management through herbal supplements. The formulations mentioned in the classical book of Ayurveda gynecology for menstrual issues are beautifully catered based on imbalances and to support uterus health

5) Customized diet useful in managing and balancing the provoked dosha

6) Yoga and meditation play a very important role in all sorts of menstruation issues.

Cramps during menstruation🩸 is normal. But when the pain is unbearable and needs medical attention is not normal and do not suck it up! Do not ignore such symptoms. There could be an underlying problem


Ayurveda science has wonderful management protocols to all your menstrual problem!


Using complex herbs to body work treatment, women in the last have had an amazing experience and have relieved by such issues. Women are an integral part of society, and their health is significant! The health of women is a reflection of her periods. Lack of periods, irregularities of periods, painful and cramps etc. can lead to severe problems! Do not ignore your uterus health.


Click here to book an appointment with me and understand what is going on inside your beautiful body and uterus and why is your hormones acting up!

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