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Ayurveda Morning Checklist

Ayurveda, the science/way of life encourages us to follow a healthy routine dinacharya, waking up in the morning until going to bed. How beautiful is this science that explains every matter of life?

❁ Morning rise - Ayurveda insists to awake at least 1 hr before sunrise. The pineal gland is best active during the early morning & helps to maintain the metabolic rhythm ❁ After waking up, Lukewarm water in a copper vessel, or simply drink 1 glass of warm water. This stimulates brain function, raises energy levels & eliminates the toxins from the body ❁ When you get nature’s call, do not suppress your bowel movements. Regular evacuation of poop is an important part of good bowel health. ❁ After discarding the waste from the body, Brush your teeth with homemade herbal toothpaste or Triphala powder ❁ It is then followed by tongue scraping. These improve digestion as well as removes coating in the tongue ❁ Gargling with honey or medicated oils/sesame oil /milk/ will prevent mouth ulcers, improve the teeth & gums, also brightens your face ❁ Mouth wash, Kavala is also advised using medicated waters well as oils. It also cures tooth decay, bleeding gums, cracked lips, etc ❁ Applying collyriums /herbal medicated eye ointments prepared of berries prevents all of eye ailments ❁ Herbal smoking- It is interesting to see medicinal smoking is given so much importance in Ayurveda Cigars are made from medicinal plants & it’s dipped in ghee. The fumes from the lighted cigars are inhaled through 2 nostrils as well as mouth. You feel relaxed & energetic ❁ Nasya is done hereafter. It is the application of medicated oil/ghee through nostrils. It is a 👌brain tonic ❁ Exercise is always mandatory for the preservation of health. Ayurveda insists that after a perfect exercise, you will feel lightness, as well as a state of mental relaxation ❁ Oil massage, Abhyanga (herbal oil massage) is very important for sound sleep, improving vision, hearing, & every nervous function. It is antiaging & keeps you enthusiastic ❁ Taking a bath is so refreshing & relieves all stress, what do you say? ❁ Food time: Enjoy a light and full of prana breakfast followed by a herbal 🍵#ayurveda #ayurvedalifestyle

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