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Balancing Vata in the Winter

If you can step out in a sweater with a steaming hot cup of 'adrak wali chai'(the famous ginger tea) and enjoy the cold breeze, the winter will be fun right!?. But, what if the cold winds are brutal enough to give you those pinpricks on the skin, leaving you frostbitten? So do we adopt an internal rhythm to nature.

When winter is coming...

We tend to be more static. Animals are all prepared for going into hibernation, some all set with Christmas Carols while some won't move an inch away from the couch. The cold climate usually forces us to reflect the energy around, back into ourselves.

Our body constitution and Tridosha theory are more than enough to find a balance even during the cruel December!

As per the traditional system of medicine, the bodily constitution of an individual is described to be cemented upon three bio-energies namely Vata (Wind element), Pitta (Fire element), and Kapha dosha (Water element). And the same doshas have their own predominance in each season.

The early winters, after taming the fall, have a strong Vata undertone while when it comes to the late winters, the cold season will have an influence on Kapha dosha.

How do doshas influence the season?

The winters with the cool temperature, wearisome atmosphere, and the dryness in the air, all accounts for the Vata influence. While the static energy and dullness towards the end of the month before the spring begin to indicate Kapha during late winter.

How to find a balance?

  • Heavy, Oily, Damp, Cold, Overly sweet, and Frozen.!!! Get those foods out of your kitchen in winter.

  • We need easy to digest, warm food which will bolster the nutrition levels and which will feed the ignited digestive fire of our bodies

  • Eat large quantities. Cooked vegetables, spinach, carrots, legumes topped in some ghee to curb Vata, mushy soups, spiced meats.

  • Practice yoga to calm your mind or some aerobics that will warm you up.

  • Some oil for your skin followed by a warm shower will make you feel energetic.

  • You can light up a fire and enjoy some red wine which will set the warmth around and inside of you as well.

  • Find winter sports, morning warm-up moves, and homely fun and laughter

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