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Bone Degeneration: An Insight.!

From a minor fracture to Arthritis, We get to the point that bone ailments can get convoluted. And we begin to comprehend the significance once we have had a taste of its detriment. To begin, think of bones as a concrete foundation for a building. Just like the brick walls that make up a house's framework!. Our skeletal device comprises bones, which give our body its shape.

So, what happens when these foundation stones begin to deteriorate and decay?

Calcium deposits stiffen bones, so we eat calcium-rich foods when we acquire a fracture, have tooth problems, or have unhealthy nails. However, just like the concrete and bricks in our example, our bones can deteriorate as we age. This is known as degenerative bone disease, and it occurs when our bones break down and become susceptible over time. In the conventional view, degenerative bone disorders range from Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid arthritis, and Osteoporosis which are accompanied by pain, stiffness in joints, swelling, and inflammations of vital joint areas.

What Do We Have for Bone Health in Ayurveda.?

Bone tissues and Vata dosha, our body's air element, have a direct reciprocal relationship in Ayurveda. Because of the Kharatva quality of bones, if Vata is aggravated in the body, it has a deleterious effect on bone tissues. The exacerbated Vata settles into the number of cavities with which bones are formed, causing them to degenerate. So Vata dosha is the trouble maker here.!

Hence how do we counteract this damaging impact?

Basti Karma: Medicated Enema to Bring Vata Back in Line.!

As per the classics, our colon membrane (purisha dhara kala), is intimately associated with the bone membrane (asthi dhara kala). This is the reason why Ayurveda recommends Basti (enema) to help maintain healthy bone tissue (asthi dhatu). Healthy bones are aided by a healthy colon. Everything starts from a clean gut, after all.!!

What is Basti?

Basti Karma and its effects are so far-reaching and profound that merely calling it an enema does not do it credit. The advantage acquired from Basti is stated to be equal to the total benefit of the other four panchakarma processes.

Basti is the primary vata-focused treatment in panchakarma (Ayurvedic enema). The colon, as the main seat of Vata in the GI tract, is essential for maintaining Vata balance throughout the body.

What happens with the treatment?

Vata accumulates in the colon during the stages of Roga samprapti (Ayurvedic pathogenesis). It creates imbalanced Vata in other vulnerable body regions as it begins to "overflow" with time. Since Vata is a required presence throughout the body, this systemic unbalanced Vata can influence practically every system in the body. Basti delivers herbal cleansing and nutrient delivery directly to the intestines and colon, bypassing the stomach and upper Gastrointestinal system, as would be the case with anything consumed orally. Thus Vata dosha is balanced and nurtured through Basti therapies. When Vata functions appropriately, it aids in the removal of poisons and endotoxins from the Dhatus (body cells), serving the purpose of expelling vitiated Doshas (morbid substances/toxins) and nourishing the body along with its close relative, Asthi dhatu.

It can be difficult for someone to determine what is best for his body to mend with optimum efficiency among the hundreds of standard and traditional medical aid available. Basti Karma, which can be used for specific locations (localised Basti), can be a lifesaver for people suffering from chronic pain and stiff joints.

Let this read be the start of choosing what's right for lesser pain.!


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