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Classic Ayurvedic Immune Boosters

Ayurveda elaborates treatment into two aspects prevention & cure. Rasayana is an inevitable component in the prevention aspect of great science. Rasayana is rejuvenating therapy which is meant to promote the longevity or life span of an individual. It also beats all bodily diseases. It is believed that ancient saints & scientists have acquired long life by strictly following rejuvenation therapy. Rasayana for your body Preventive- physical, mental & social health improvement Disease-specific- Regular intake for a cure, under specific protocol by building an isolated space for following the therapy Rejuvenation therapy brings out the best or essence of the dhathus or tissues.

The dhathus are plasma, blood, muscles, fat, bones, bone marrow & the semen. The ultimate essence of the transformation of dhathus or tissues is termed as Ojas or the vitality. It is the deciding factor for maintaining healthy senses, longevity, & a powerful immune system.

Ayurveda highlights some Rasayana or rejuvenating herbs for improving the health & wellness of the body. These herbs have a multitude of functions in various body systems.

Herbs for longevity

  • Turmeric/Curcuma- anti-allergic, anti-inflammatory

  • Neem- skin tonic, anti-microbial

  • Amla, Indian gooseberry- Antioxidant, neuroprotective

  • Pippali/long pepper- Immunomodulatory, respiratory tonic

  • Ashwagandha/Indian ginseng- Adaptogenic, nourishing

  • Hareetaki/ChebulicMyrobalan- Improves the sexual libido

  • Brahmi/Indian pennywort – Intellectual tonic

How does Rasayana works in our body?

All food as well as herbs we intake gets digested & forms the rasa dhathu, this component nourishes & helps in the formation of subsequent dhathus respectively. Then the ultimate form is Ojas which represents the excellence of the dhathus. It improves the Agni or the transforming factor. It sustains the normal functioning of Agni, which includes the digestion, absorption, nutrient & waste separation also. Thereby contributes to the building process of the body & helps in the formation of new cells. It clears all the tiny channels of the body which enables the smooth circulation of rasa dhathu. So eventually other dhathus are nourished & formed timely.


  • Long life & attractive complexion

  • Healthy immune system

  • Unbeatable memory & intelligence

  • Enhances mental strength & positivity

  • Clear eyes, ears, nose, skin, etc.

  • Maintains youthfulness

Detoxification therapy before Rasayana Proper preparatory therapies have to be done. Oleation & fomentation followed by elimination therapy has to be performed. After that light diet has to be consumed to complement the Agni functions.

Common Rasayanas

Coldwater, milk, honey & ghee- This can be individually taken as a rejuvenator. This can also be taken in combinations to have the same effect. This can be taken regularly for improving the health of your body. All these contain plenty of antioxidants & eradicates free radicals. Ghee is a proven health tonic. Coldwater is an energy booster. Honey is yet another immune tonic & antioxidant. Milk is highly recommended as a balanced diet with lots of minerals & vitamins.

Powerful Immune boosters to fight infections

  • Kushmandavaleham- Respiratory tonic

  • Chyavanaprasham- General Well-being

  • Agasthyarasayanam- Immune protective especially in respiratory infections

Don’t practice, if you suffer

Rasayana will have zero effect if you are under severe stress or have a reduced confidence level, They are supposed to refrain from the Rasayana therapy. This has a very logical explanation, good mental power as well as a positive attitude is necessary to complete the therapy.

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