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Dosha of the season : Vata

🍂🍁🌿I stumbled upon this image earlier today, what do you see here? A couple of snakes crawling up a body? I see the fall season, according to Ayurveda "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder," they say. You could call this image scary or vivid. Since Ayurveda came into my life, I have been comparing and relating almost everything I fall upon to the principles and basics of Ayurveda's Vata-Pitta-Kapha I thought, what better way to express the Autumn season than this image here. Fall is a time where tress is silently undressing. The air feels cool and dry. Within your body, Vata, the dosha of the season, tends to increase.  In Ayurveda classics, you can see Vata dosha often being compared to a snake. It is because this dosha tends to crawl and move quickly inside the body. One of the main properties of Vata dosha is movement People born with the Vata constitution are restless with twitchy, active minds. Their skin is dry and rough, sometimes chapped. Vatas are indecisive, erratic, and emotionally insecure. This doesn't mean that Vata constitution individual is not good enough.

Vata prakruthi are people are the ones who are creative and enthusiastic as well Knowing your dosha is essential to keep all the above energy in balance and to be more mindful during the season when the same energy is predominant in nature #ayurvedalifestyle #ayurvedalife #ayurvedaeveryday #healthy #ayurveda #cleveland #clevelandhealth #lakewoodohio #wellness #summer2019 #ayurshilpi #holistichealing #healthylifestyle #workshop #alternativemedicines #healthyish #healthiswealth #ayurvedaeveryday #liveayurveda #studyayurveda #naturelovers #ayurvedafood #ayurvedacleveland #plantmedicine #ayurvedayoga #alternativemedicine

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