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Managing Sciatica with Ayurveda

Sciatica in Ayurveda is caused due to vitiation of Vata dosha by intake of excessive dry, cold, spicy foods. It is caused by over physical activity, standing for a long time, due to ama/improper metabolism tissue depletion. The accumulated vitiated Vata creates emptiness of channels of the low back region, the region of the sciatic nerve

Sciatica mainly is of Vata predominant as well as Vata-Kapha predominant. In the case of the latter, there will be Kapha & involvement of ama/improper metabolism. This obstructs Vata. Then the tissues like blood, muscles, bones, etc. get vitiated. Then pain is experienced unilaterally along the back of the hip, legs, calf & also to the feet occasionally


The general treatment principle in Ayurveda is to avoid the causes. If the dosha vitiation is at its peak, then purificatory/detox therapies have to be done

Specific treatments:

✅Virechana- Therapeutic purgation to cleanse the gut

✅External oleation- Application of medicated oils externally by the process of massages, pouring warm oil, etc

✅Fomentation therapy- It is done to remove the blockage in the channels & to improve circulation. It is done by wrapping hot herbal powders in a cloth, then applied slowly to the affected area

✅Patra pinda Sweda/ healing poultice massage. Medicinal leaves along with rock salt are cooked in herbal oil; then it is wrapped up in cloth to apply in the affected region

✅Kati Basti/holding medicated oil in the affected area. This therapy is beneficial & gives instant relief to pain as well as stiffness

🌿Herbs to relieve your back pain Garlic, Lavender oil, ginger, rosemary oil

Diet specific to sciatica treatment Avoid dry, spicy, cold, sour foods, Eat high fiber food, Stay hydrated, Lifestyle changes

❌Avoid overexertion/carrying heavy objects, Avoid sleeping in uneven surfaces, Stop using high heel shoes

❌Avoid prolonged standing

Do not expose to excessively cold weather

🧘‍♂️Yoga for your sciatic nerve Practice bow pose or Dhanurasana only if you have mild symptoms. Internally medicated oil can be given to remove the dryness & enhance the proper movement of Vata.

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