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Removing Ama with Ayurveda

Due to the desire of the senses, we often overeat or not eat according to the seasons and not vary one's diet according to the seasons; ama (toxins) is produced in the body

Here is how you can remove ama: ✨The first stage in eliminating ama is always Nidan Parivarjanan — reduce the causes of ama like overeating, eating before the previous meal is digested, stress, lack of exercise, etc

✨Then comes fasting. In Ayurveda, regular fasting is recommended for the digestive fire to revive. Weekly once or periodically till digestion becomes normal fasting is suggested. Some of them skip morning breakfast, and some practice intermediate-fasting to help the digestive fire to restore. Fasting is not advised to children, elderly, gaunt, pregnant women, and soon after vigorous exercise & must be planned and done under the guidance of an Ayurveda physician

✨The next step is to digest the ama, a process known as Ama Pachan, through the use of digestive & carminative substances such as specific spices like ginger, pepper, or herbal preparations, ex:- Triphala, trikatu, panchakola, etc

🌿Shodhan/ Elimination treatment. Once the ama is digested by taking the herbs mentioned above, it has to be removed out, for which sodhana therapy/ panchakarma therapy is advised in the classics

🌸Ayurshilpi Ayurveda and wellness provides a wide range of services to cleanse the gut and other bodywork with similar benefits🌸

🌿Shamana therapy. Here you are advised to take Ayurveda supplements based on the individual's body constitution and imbalanced dosha

🌿Now it is time to maintain optimum health. Timely eating, eating after the previous meal is digested, making the correct choice of food based on one's body dosha/constitution, taking Ayurveda Rasayana, regular exercise meditation, and yoga

🌿After purification therapy, our body is devoid of toxins and best time to boost our immune system for which Rasayana therapy must be practiced. Rasayana in Ayurveda is a type of herbal medicines that are formulated to provide longevity, proper brain function, smooth body mechanism, and promote positive health. These Rasayana herbs improve the resistance of the body and prevents infections#ayurveda

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