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Summer elixir: Healthy way to quench your thirst

Summer elixir: Cucumber-mint-aloe-lime 🥒🌿 . Something refreshing and minty to quench your summer thirst

The summer season is rules by PITTA dosha, elements of fire and water which needs to be balanced and cooled

Here's that perfect tangy, sweet, bitter, and whole lot of hydration summer elixir

Excess heat not only has drying effect but also the reason for acid-reflux, skin-imbalance, boils, headache, burning urine etc

Make this your everyday drink to stay away from all the summer trouble

Recipe: 1)Organic cucumber 2)Home grown mint water(brewed) 3)Aleo-vera 4)Lemon(few drops) Blend in all the above ingredients and voila it's ready 🍸

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