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The Ayurveda Clock

🌿Have you ever heard of the Ayurvedic clock?🕰 Stick with me to learn why you should care about the Ayurvedic Clock and how a few small tweaks to your habits can have big health benefits🌿 .

✿ The media is all abuzz about body clocks, circadian rhythm, and when is the perfect time to do just about anything, from eating to test taking to having sex ✿ . ✿ I am sure you’ve probably run across some of these conversations about timing, but do you know Ayurveda had most of it figured out thousands of years ago ✿ . ✿ Ayurveda has a fairly simple explanation for all this: There is a natural ebb and flow within the natural world, including within your own body and mind✿ . ✿ Vata, Pitta and Kapha are energetic forces that govern the tides of your life, and if you understand these forces, you can tune into the natural rhythms of the world, and make informed choices ✿ . ✿ Ayurveda prescribes optimal times for 🥗eating, 😴sleeping and working 🧗‍♂️ (along with many other activities) by illustrating the link between our body’s energy and the energy of the doshas (elements) that are primary during one of six blocks of time per 24-hour cycle ✿ . 🕰The clock is split into four-hour cycles based on the type of energy that is predominant in our bodies and in nature during each four-hour window. Every day we cycle through the three doshas — vata, kapha and pitta — twice.🕰 . ✿The doshas exert their influence upon us in four hour increments throughout the 24 hour day. Each four hour time period is dominated by one dosha, and thus influenced by the qualities of that dosha.✿ . ✿In other words, there’s a vata, pitta and kapha time of day and a vata, pitta and kapha time of night. Understanding this allows you to choose activities, food choices, etc. that will support the dominant ener‪gy inside and around you at that time‬✿ . ✿ READ MY NEXT POST’S TO UNDERSTAND DAY & NIGHT REGIMEN ✿ #ayurveda #health #meditation#wellness #ayurvedic #natural#ayurvedalife #ayurvedalifestyle#organic #india #healthy#healthylifestyle #love #beauty#nature #ayurvedicmedicine #fitness#holistichealth #holistic #herb#ayurshilpi #cleveland #ohio#clevelandayurveda#alternativemedicine #dosha

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