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Transitioning from Summer to Fall: An Ayurvedic Perspective

Hello folks, It's that time of year already, the time to pay close attention to your body as the transition from summer to autumn/fall means that things are about to change.

🌧 But there's always rain by the end of the summer season. Call it global warming or simply nature's way of cooling. The excessive heat evaporates water, increasing moisture and humidity in the atmosphere, ultimately resulting in rainfall. This is nature's rule, and humans are part of this ecological system, too, need to incorporate changes in their lifestyle, according to a change in the season.

Body's physiological and psychological factors go through changes like accumulation and aggravation during seasonal change. Vata dosha that is accumulated due to the sun's heat in summer starts aggravating the rain, which causes weakened digestion, acidic atmospheric conditions, and gas produced from the Earth.

Pitta accumulates during the rainy season due to the acidic conditions of the atmosphere and weakened digestion. And pita gets aggravated during autumn when the heat returns. This occurs after the cooling spell of the rainy season.

How to cope with the transition:

✅Due to the sun's heat, energy is being extracted, weakening the digestive fire, which is further put off by the wet rain. Hence Ayurveda recommends light and easily digestible food

✅Use healthy spices like ginger, cumin, peppercorns, etc

✅Many people love the rains and tend to overeat or eat a lot of junk that could do more harm than good. Stay away from that.

✅Ayurveda advises undergoing a Panchakarma or seasonal purification to bring the Doshas back in a state of balance.

✅Do not over-exert yourself.

✅Try and protect yourself from the rain, as it could give rise to many infections and diseases.

✅Avoid sleeping during the daytime.

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