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'Triguna theory' of Ayurveda

Triguna’ derived from sanskrit word, tri- three, guna-qualities. sattva, rajas, tamas is three qualities that forms the entire universe. Ayurveda philosophy considers body and mind as 2 sides of the same coin. Vata, pitta, kapha forms the functional and physical constitution/ tridosha, wheres as triguna forms the metal qualities. It represents the essential energy of the mind

Nature is made up of three super qualities. Therefore everything which is created by nature and everything in nature has inherited these three qualities, including human being. Sattva quality – reflects knowledge of an individual Rajas quality – represents all actions, movements, and activities which happen in the body Tamas quality – balances and controls above mentioned qualities from their over-expression

In my previous post, I spoke about how ‘Tridosha’ is derived from panchamahabhuta. Just like tridosha, triguna also constitute panchamahabhuta *Ether element is predominantly made up of satva quality *Air element is predominantly made up of rajas *Fire element is predominantly made up of sathva and rajas qualities *Water element is made up of sattva and tamas *Earth element is made up of tamas quality

TRIDOSHA AND TRIGUNA RELATION *vata /air has more of rajas quality in it. *pitta/fire has more of satva and rajas qualities in it. *kapha/water has more of tamas quality in it.🌸


Sattwa (Purity and holiness): 🌸Love, compassion, devotion to God (Bhakti), ahimsa (non-injury), truthfulness, non-stealing, discrimination (viveka), dispassion (vairagya), daya (compassion), thyag (sacrifice), kindness, soft-speak, control over senses, non-jealousy, honesty, non-covetousness, patience, forbearance, mercy, humility, guilelessness🌸


Rajas (Action and Drive): 🗣Activeness, boisterousness, hurry, action, impatience, passion, drive, ambition, motivation, power-mongering, manipulation, desire for leadership, domination, self-promotion, rule-breaking, pushy, love for coterie, love for subjugating others, love for grandeur, competitive instinct, workaholism, exhibitionism, strenuous effort, fighting spirit, strong belief in self-will, love for spending and extravaganza, materialism, loudmouth, assertiveness, avarice, authoritativeness, pride😏


Tamas (Laziness and Inertia): 😔Laziness, dullness, sloth, greed sans effort, lack of motivation, fatalism, negativism, excess sleep, jealousy, envy, miserliness, pessimism, perverted desires, hatred, lust, obsession, deceit, vengeance, day dreaming, bashfulness, covetousness, gluttony, stealth, treachery, possessiveness, aversion, rumor mongering, back biting, dishonesty, laxity😩

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