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Vikruti in Ayurveda

🌿Another step towards understanding health according to Ayurvedic principles is to understand if and how we have strayed from our natural, healthy constitution 🔥Vikruti is a Sanskrit word loosely translated as a “changed condition of body, mind and consciousness.”

. 🌸In Ayurveda, it is most often used to describe your current state of health (or ill-health) in relation to your Prakruti, or “natural state.”🌸 . ❁ Vata, Pitta and Kapha are positive forces in the body but, due to environmental, emotional or physical conditions or stresses, they can increase or, less often, decrease beyond what is appropriate for our constitution.🔥Vitiated constitution may cause imbalance in the body or mind. This imbalance, or Vikruti, creates an environment that is more hospitable to disease than if the Prakruti (constitution) is balanced and healthy ❁ . 👩‍⚕️As a Ayurvedic doctor it is very important to focus more on your vikruti rather than your prakruti, in order to find the existing underlying imbalances that should be addressed. After knowing the vikruthi/imbalanced dosha in the body, it becomes easy design the treatment, diet and exercise.

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