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Women's Health


A female is not only the beautiful but also one of the most important creations of god especially for her ability to reproduce. But this blessing sometimes becomes a curse for her in different gynecological level causing some of the common disorders. In the last 20 years, there is a noticeable rise in gynecological disorders. This has drawn the interest of all medical sciences to search for an effective alternative with minimal untoward effects. Because of which our good old traditional Ayurveda medicine comes of help. Mention of both gynecology and obstetrics is seen in Ayurveda under the departments of (Prasuti Tantra /Obstetrics) and (Striroga / Gynecological disorders) imparting knowledge of the health of women of all ages and to conduct quality research on community needs. 

        The main objective of women health in Ayurveda is prevention. We have been successfully managing some of the common women health issues. Panchakarma plays a very important role along with Ayurvedic supplements and lifestyle changes to support and manage these issue.


Benefits of Ayurveda (Panchakarma therapies)

  1. Relieves and helps with menopause symptoms 

  2. Corrects Irregular menstruation 

  3. Improves hormonal function           

  4. Relieves painful menstrual periods ( Dysmenorrhoea )

  5. Helps in preventing lower back pain

  6. Manages the condition of Vaginitis (vaginal itching, dryness & infection )

  7.  Helps relieve PCOD/PCOS 

  8.  Helps in correction of scanty menstruation.

Recommended therapies may include

  1. Abhyangam (Full Body Massage With Medicated Oil). It is helpful for balancing the emotions and the genitourinary tract.

  2. Herbal Vaginal Wash

  3. Nasya Karma (administering drug through nasal route ) regulates harmones

  4. Ayurveda has some precious herbs which helps to balance the hormones and tones the uterus.

  5. Yoni -Dhupan (Fumigation of vagina,with medicated smoke)

Please Note:

The recommended therapies are effective when performed for 3-14 days depending on your health assessment performed by a qualified Ayurveda doctor during the consultation. The treatments are customized based on the individual health conditions.

Please contact us for more details on the Panchakarma packages

We are not a Medical Facility and our Ayurveda Practitioners are not State Licensed Physicians(MDs) and as such we do not provide any Medical Services. Clients availing our services acknowledge the fact that Ayur Shilpi Wellness Clinic offers only general ayurvedic wellness therapies and even though it is reported to be beneficial for alleviating a number of disease conditions, our consultations, recommendations and therapies are not for the purpose of diagnosing or treating any illness.

Ayur Shilpi Wellness Clinic  does not claim that our therapies will cure or diminish any specific disease and our therapies are not a replacement for medical care provided by a licensed primary care physician. Clients may continue to seek the advice of their primary care doctor and any specialists they have consulted and should not modify or suspend their medical treatment unless advised by their medical doctors. The Ayurvedic professionals providing the Ayurveda consultation and therapies in Ayur Shilpi Wellness Clinic do not assume responsibility for treating any of the health problems of the clients and that responsibility rests solely with their primary care physician.

Panchakarma Services

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