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An Ayurvedic Take on Turkey Meat

Thanksgiving feast with the centerpiece on the dining table

It's a tradition for some, while for others, they are obligated to follow the practice of having turkey for thanksgiving. Still, you also worry that your Ayurveda lifestyle is being jeopardized? Because there is a lot of skepticism around the staple Thanksgiving dish- Turkey🦃

🦃Turkey on its own is usually flavorless; plus, it's almost always more meat than anyone can realistically consume. The smart alternative would be making a yummy sauce and secondly select a cut of meat that favors your body type.

Here is how you can choose turkey meat based on your constitution: Picking meat depends on dark or white meat. Their leg meat is dark while their wing and breast meat are white.

🟡Vata dosha body type: leg meat is a better choice as it contains more fat, which can alleviate vata's drying properties.

🔴Pita and 🔵Kapha dosha body type: Prefer white meat(breast and wings) over dark because of its lower caloric content.

Other nutritional benefits include more iron, zinc, riboflavin, thiamine, and vitamins B6 and B12. Both have less fat than most red meat cuts, so you can't go wrong either way

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