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Ayurvedic Perspective on Sex

SEX. There isn't much in the world that is as attractive, captivating, spectacular, scandalous, and has caused as much affection, passion, and strife all around the globe. According to Ayurveda, the concept of sex is not merely pleasure or some significant positions but the unraveling of deeper cognitive and spiritual awakening. Sexual intercourse is considered one of the many unstoppable urges, just like thirst and hunger. Sex is regarded as essential karma that one has to do during their reproductive stage to ensure sustainability. While other Acharyas have mentioned the concept of Brahmacharya, the idea of concentrating the universe, Acharya Vagbhata has mentioned Abrahmachaya or the importance of sex in an individual's life as essential as Brahmacharya itself.

While we have never considered the best time for appropriate sex, Ayurveda has beautiful descriptions of how and to what extent sex can be performed per seasonal changes. The internet and western culture have persuaded us that orgasms are beneficial. Orgasms may be helpful in that they relieve stress, produce oxytocin, and foster a sense of bonding between lovers. Still, Ayurveda adopts a more nuanced perspective regarding orgasms as a loss of rasa and reproductive fluids. It's similar to the difference between a glass of wine as well as a bottle of wine at bedtime: a little can make you feel much better and relieve tension, but too much can leave you weary and feeling like crap.

Desire and the Doshas:

How can we comprehend the dosha-desire relationship? Various doshas have different sexual drives and needs. From an Ayurvedic perspective, vata ought to have the least amount of sex of all the doshas. Pitta, the visually appealing dosha, is most likely interested in sex, possibly with a large group of people, and be on the lookout for other people wherever they go. Kapha is by far the most capable of handling a lot of sex, although they may require some prodding to engage.

Indications & Contraindications

Ayurveda strictly puts forth specific regulations concerning sex and the respective gain or loss of the body while engaging in sex.

  • Sexual activities should be avoided by those individuals who have just eaten up to a full stomach and those entirely on an empty stomach, for it can aggravate the Kapha and Vata entities, respectively. Sexual activities must be strictly avoided when thirsty for the Pitta entity will surge.

  • After sumptuously taking drugs that increase virility, one can indulge in sexual intercourse till satisfaction during winter.

  • During Adana Kala or the dry seasons of summer and autumn, it is better to resist sex as it may drain a lot of your energy.

  • Individuals who have a physiologically Vata Prakrithi (constitution)must consume wholesome food before indulging in any sexual activities.

  • The Ayurvedic classics, including Caraka Samhitha, advise couples to avoid sex in weird postures. It can cause aggravation of bodily entities and result in various malformations in the body or the resulting embryo.

Dietary Supplements

In any activity, especially sex, having a fit body combined with an equally healthy mind is essential. If the Doshas are vitiated for some reason, we need to replenish our body with suitable food to compensate and to avoid future fluctuations. The following are some basic everyday rejuvenations that we utilize regularly:

  • Milk

  • Ghee

  • Custard apple

  • The red variety of rice

  • Almond or its milk

Mentioned above are just a few among the many others that we can use daily. So a simple sweet rice porridge in milk drizzled with luscious ghee will do the charm!

Ayurvedic Superpower

Ayurveda recommends specific herbal rejuvenators in addition to nutrition to boost your sexual function.

  • Withania somnifera (Ashwagandha) is a powerful herb that can increase strength and libido.

  • Amlaki: The Indian gooseberry has a remarkable renewing effect on the body, encouraging one to engage in blissful sex.

  • Mucuna pruriens (Kapikachu) is the best aphrodisiac of all. It stimulates libido while also boosting vitality.

  • Satavari is another mystic herb with Vata-relieving properties that gives the body vigor while also controlling the cognitive components of sexual desire.

The list is nearly limitless, with several single plants and herbal combinations. Be savvy about your sex, and perhaps most importantly, approach this sacred institution with dignity and love! Also, have a great time.!


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