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Good & Bad of eating Tomatoes

The medicinal properties of tomatoes are a little tricky to understand. What's suitable for many may not be right for your body constitution. Any Italian chef will testify to the passion and warmth of the tomato. Ever since the Spaniards brought tomatoes to Europe, they have been subject of controversial debate. Southern Europe said yes, embracing the tomato. Northern Europe said no, calling the tomato 'wolf peach' instead because they belong to the often poisonous nightshade family. In the East, the controversy continues - Chinese medicine says yes, they clear summer heat. Ayurveda says no, they stimulate heat and desire and cause toxic build-up. Tomatoes and Ayurveda: Based on the principles of Ayurveda tomato increases all three doshas (Vata dosha, pitta dosha, and Kapha dosha) especially pitta. It is very juicy and reduces the intensity of digestive fire or Agni. This can cause indigestion. It remains sour even after digestion hence can cause acidity and flatulence in some people. The untoward effect of tomatoes can be reduced by cooking it with spices like turmeric, pepper and cumin seeds.

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