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How to Uplift Your Mood in Winter?

Is your 'Holiday brain' having a 'Winter dip' amidst the December fogs? Does your spirit hang bells on that Christmas tree, or does it get lost in the perfect storm of unknown pain? Listen! You are under low levels of serotonin. That's all. It's not a complete state of depression, and you are not going to die of heartache either. So Relax! The lack of sunlight and our seasonal tendency to get isolated bring us down to a state of complete unhappiness, often giving us a shot of seasonal affective conditions. So you wanna uplift your moody self in the Winter?

Here are some things to try!

1. Jumpstart Your Day.!

Don't just be in a corner and hibernate throughout the day, although you feel like it. Remember, you're not a squirrel! But you can be a gym rat!

The low temperature, lack of warmth, and sunlight will only drag you deeper into the winter blues, but you have to do something about it. Socialize within your limits; get ripped and enjoy some winter games. Warm up your body, or try some unique winter recipes! And be a creature of habit on these. Sitting still ain't an option!

2. Build Your 'Right' Appetite.

No! Do not extend your hands for that bag of chips. Instead, place some veggies on your mind and inside your tummy. Your build will be highly dependent on what you eat. Eat what is suitable for the season. Eggs are a great option in winters. Try different soups to spice up your taste buds. That doesn't mean you have to starve yourself. But get those frozen, sweetened, heavy foods out of your diet and add more veggies and beans, and legumes. So eat what's best to fight the winter fogs.

3. Get Herbal!

Warming herbs which rejuvenate and restore the internal rhythm during the seasonal transitions would be helpful beyond your expectations. Tulsi, Rosemary, Coriander, and the most common members in your kitchen could help you out.! They will help improve circulation and bolster the immune system against climatic infections and season-induced ailments.

4. Get Creative!

It's Winter. Let your imagination run riot amidst the moody tones of the cold weather. Get started with a transformation series. Paint your room with your favorite Color or rearrange the furniture and wall decors to give a new face. Create art.! Be it a portrait, craftwork, or clothing you stitched on your own or if you are a culinary artisan, try out healthy recipes. Be productive.!

Shopping could be relaxing as well, and It can make you feel good with a serotonin shot through your nerves. The choice is all yours whether to go all artistic or you can arm up your wardrobe with warmer clothes. Knits and sweaters, leather pants, Color popped cardigans, and scarfs could all be your call if that's what makes you happy.

It's the holiday season. But the foggy weather can bring you crashing down before the summer if you leave the negative triggers unresolved inside of you. Slipping on health, getting moody, and falling into a cold trip will only make you feel sick and tired of the snowy days. So know the signs and distract them. Get into action.! Because Winter is coming!!!

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