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Ayurvedic Thai Green Vegetable Curry

Thai green vegetable curry is a recipe with a mild flavor and with a lot of depth of subtle flavoring. Along with a fantastic taste, it balances all three doshas, and it's easy to make.

This versatile dish offers a lot of flexibility in the choice of vegetables. Here I have used potatoes, zucchini, mushroom, peas, and carrots. Let's discuss the Ayurveda properties of this dish. As you all know, Thai curry needs green paste. I have used a ready-made curry paste that I got from an organic store @luckysmarket

Green Paste Ingredient: Lemongrass (pacifies Kapha), Shallots (pacifies vata, pitta), Garlic (pacifies vata, pitta), ginger (pacifies all three dosha), cilantro (pacifies all three dosha) basil (pacifies vata and Kapha), fish sauce(pacifies vata and Kapha), cumin(pacifies vata and Kapha), coriander (pacifies all three dosha), chillies (aggravates pitta pacifies Kapha)

Vegetables used: zucchini (pacifies vata, pitta), Peas(pacifies vata), mushroom( increases kapha), potatoes( pacifies pitta and kapha), carrots (pacifies vata pitta), coconut (pacifies vata pitta, increases kapha)

NOTE: For individuals with predominant pitta dosha or with pitta imbalance, we recommend reducing the amount of chilly. Individuals with Kapha imbalance can omit or reduce the proportion of coconut milk

Method: 1)Heat the sesame oil in a saucepan, then add the vegetables. Fry them for 5 to 6 minutes 2)Meanwhile, take another pan, pour in 1/2 a cup of coconut milk, add the curry paste and cook it till it becomes a thick gravy 3) Now add the coconut-green curry-paste mixture into the frying vegetables. Then add in some soy sauce 4) Cook it for 15minutes and voila, there it is, the yummy Thai green curry. Oh, wait, don't forget to add basil to finish. Serve with hot basmathi 🍚 rice

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